ACLARA STAR AMI: Harnessing advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technologies so water utilities can now mitigate the impact of theft, unbilled unmetered consumption, meter inaccuracy and leakage – and reclaim lost water revenue. Dripping faucets, running toilets and other household water leaks, according to the EPA, waste about a trillion gallons of water a year – about equal to the capacity of Florida’s Lake Okeechobee. Almost three times that amount is lost through old dilapidated pipes and infrastructure before the water even reaches homes, and other factors such as improperly sized meters and theft. These losses represent $2.6 billion lost revenue problems for U.S. water utilities each year. How to resolve it?

Aclara powers the data-driven information and advanced applications utilities need leverage AMI investment to improve services and manage water distribution networks. We help utilities access the data and analytics for insight into resources and take action to improve systems and recover revenues.